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Website Accessibility Prices

This list was last updated on August 18, 2022. Prices are in United States dollars (USD), do not include current sales tax, and are subject to change without notice.

This is about ADA and WCAG website accessibility compliance for blind, visually impaired, and deaf people.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) explain how to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities. WCAG covers websites, applications, and other digital content. It's developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). WCAG is an international standard.

There are 3 levels of compliance:

  1. Level A is the minimum level.
  2. Level AA includes all Level A and AA requirements. Many businesses strive to meet this level.
  3. Level AAA includes all Level A, AA, and AAA requirements. It's usually for large businesses, the government, educational institutions, and more.

Audits include:

  • color contrast audit
  • easily readable font styles and colors audit
  • clickable buttons and links size audit
  • alternative text for images audit (for the blind)
  • accessibility options audit

Price: $100

Valuable Business Investment: $50+
Your quoted price depends on compliance level and website size.

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Tax Deduction

If you are paying for website accessibility, you might qualify for a tax deduction. Ask your professional tax preparer about IRS Form 8826. Learn more at

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