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Legal Protection Prices

This list was last updated on May 29, 2023, and prices are in United States dollars (USD).

The following items are very important to help protect your business from privacy-related fines and lawsuits, such as GDPR non-compliance and CCPA non-compliance. You must buy this with the purchase of a new website from me or sign a waiver.

Depending on your website's features and business services, you may not need all of these policies, but you can't choose only one policy to decrease your price. One license from Termageddon includes all policies to protect one website. All their policies are automatically updated when the laws are updated, so you do not have to do anything except pay Termageddon.

States are proposing laws that will allow consumers to sue businesses anywhere in the United States for not having a compliant privacy policy. Any website that collects as little as an email address on a contact form should not only have a privacy policy but also have a way to keep it up to date when the laws change.

If you do not have these for your current website, it's not too late to add them. Do not risk any legal trouble for yourself in the future.

Price:Starting at $10 monthly (or $99 yearly)
Please check Termageddon's website for accurate pricing.

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