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About Me

Derek is a website designer, developer, and a graphic designer. He specializes in building new mobile-friendly websites, repairing malfunctioning websites, and offering graphic design and online (digital) marketing services to individuals and businesses.

He's also what's called a full-stack developer, which means he designs and develops both the front-end (what you see) of a website and the back-end (what you do not see). He loves the combination of creative art and computer programming that goes into website design and development. He does not like to call his work "web design" because he does not design the web - he designs sites that are connected together on the web (internet).

He realized his passion for website design when he took an introductory course while attending F.L.C.C. even though his college major primarily focused on the Java programming language and Calculus.

His 2 Favorite Colors: blue, red

Location: Macedon, New York, U.S.A.


Honors and Certifications

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Phi Theta Kappa
(honor society)

Alpha Beta Gamma
(honor society)

Associate of Science
degree in Computer Science

HTML Fundamentals

CSS Fundamentals

Javascript Tutorial

Wix Web Design 2021
Level 1: Beginner

Wix Web Design 2021
Level 2: Intermediate

The Complete Digital Marketing Course:
12 Courses in 1

Google Analytics:
Beginner to Intermediate

LinkedIn Marketing, Lead Generation, and B2B Sales

2021 Business Recognition Certificate

Technical Skills

Non-Technical Skills

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