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Note: What you see on each website when you click a link may look different from my original design. Some clients choose to modify their website after I finish developing it.

Little Violets Landscaping & Hardscaping

Stephanie Fiorella-Viola has owned her business in Pittsford, New York, since 2016. She grew up helping her dad with his landscaping business since she was 13 years old (in 2005) and started doing it on her own full-time in 2016. She hopes to pass down the family business to a third generation when she and her husband (Josh) have children. She and Josh work together, specializing in exterior property improvement services such as landscaping, landscape design and maintenance, hardscaping, hardscape design and maintenance, stone wall and stone step installation and repair, retaining walls, installation and maintenance of paver sidewalks and patios, pressure washing of paver sidewalks and patios and wood decks, vinyl siding pressure washing, leaf cleanup with a backpack blower, spring and fall yard cleanup, trimming and pruning of bushes and hedges, mulching, edging, fertilizing, soil amendment, polymeric sand application to paver sidewalks and patios, and weed (invasive plant) removal. They also offer senior citizen discounts with proof of age. Stephanie and Josh desire to serve the Lord God Almighty and give the glory for all of her success to Him.

Website Project Details: This is a basic WordPress website with some customization. Stephanie bought a WordPress theme and floral illustrations that she loved. I used the floral illustrations for the top corners of the website and the logo (in the Graphic Design section below). I used Adobe Photoshop to modify a stone wall image and create the long illustrated stone wall at the bottom of the website, which are the same pieces for the logo. The website includes a contact form with email spam protection, basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), images with added title overlays, a WordPress security plugin, an accessibility plugin for the visually impaired, a language translation plugin, and more. I also designed their logo and set up multiple social media profiles. Visit website.

Little Violets Landscaping & Hardscaping's website screenshots on multiple devices

J&J Handyman Services

Jim Casillo of J&J Handyman Services has more than 35 years of experience in the home repair and construction industry and is headquartered in Wolcott, New York. He offers installation and repair of flooring, plumbing, drywall, painting, basic electrical, patios, decks, windows, tree trimming, showers, and baths. Contact him today for all your home improvement needs. Visit website.

J&J Handyman Services' website screenshots on multiple devices

Drone's Eye View

Drone's Eye View is an aerial photography and videography business in Palmyra, New York. It's owned and operated by the Dennie family. Their services include aerial photography, videography, assistance with insurance claims such as roof damage, and inspections that are difficult to reach. Visit website.

Drone's Eye View's website screenshots on multiple devices

4 Paws Canalside Grooming

4 Paws Canalside Grooming is a pet grooming shop that's located where Macedon Veterinary Care was, in West Wayne Plaza on State Route 31 in Macedon, New York. They will take good care of your loved one. Visit website.

4 Paws Canalside Grooming's website screenshots on multiple devices

J.A. Reed

J.A. Reed is a new author that wrote a 56-page memoir chronicling her heartbreaking life during her son's addiction and his eventual death. She has a debut fictional novel coming soon, and this website serves two purposes: to sell her current book, to acquire a publishing agent. The color pallette has J.A. Reed's favorite colors. Visit website.

J.A. Reed's website screenshots on multiple devices

Rough Around the Edges

Rough Around the Edges is a small local retail shop specializing in handmade farmhouse decor, such as wooden signs, crafts, and vinyl graphic labels, and opened in late 2020 in Macedon, New York. If you like Farmhouse Fabulous in Palmyra or The Purple Painted Lady and 64 Main Street Trading Company in Macedon, you will surely love this place. Visit website.

Rough Around the Edges' website screenshot

Greg Logins and Revival

Greg Logins and his family of Christian gospel singers have been blessing the town of Newark, New York, for many years. Listen to their music, buy it, or book a live event with them. I redesigned this website, added content, and made it mobile-friendly. Visit website.

Greg Logins and Revival's website screenshot

Newark Martial Arts Center

This is a martial arts center in Newark, New York, since 2017. Owned and operated by the great Stu Soura, it offers classes in karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Aikido, Tai Chi, and techniques in joint locking and pressure points. I designed and developed this website and added an e-commerce (online store) feature. Visit website.

Newark Martial Arts Center's website screenshots

Marion Garage Door

This is a well-established garage door sales and service business in Marion, New York, since 2001. I redesigned this website, added a lot of content, and transferred it from its previous web host to mine. Visit website.

Marion Garage Door's website screenshots

Beauty & Beyond Hair Salon

This is a popular beauty salon in Farmington, New York, since 2005. Owner and Master Stylist Bonnie Border and her staff will treat you well with services that include hair care, hair removal, hair coloring, and nail care. I did both design and development of this website. Visit website.

Beauty and Beyond Hair Salon's website screenshots

Graphic Design

Logo: Little Violets Landscaping & Hardscaping (for website)

Logo: Little Violets Landscaping & Hardscaping (for social media)

Logo: Free Weekend in the Finger Lakes

Business Card: first one for consultant Brad Whittaker for Nikken health and wellness products

consultant Brad Whittaker's first business card for Nikken health and wellness products

Business Card: second one for consultant Brad Whittaker for Nikken health and wellness products

consultant Brad Whittaker's second business card for Nikken health and wellness products

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